• Sandra White

What can you DO with the degree, certificate or diploma you have earned?

Learning is continual; focus on building skill sets. What can you DO with your learning. Build SKILLS such as

  • communications - clear concise speaking and writing (good grammar & spelling)

  • problem solving - owning a project and delivering RESULTS

  • teamwork - ability to give your best as a team player or get the best from each team member as a team leader

  • technically proficient - examples are digital documents & platforms, spreadsheets, SQL, SaaS, etc.

  • awareness and interest in growth professions such as healthcare, software application development, forest fire inspection & prevention, solar installation, research analysts, mathematicians, and information security, to name a few.

Four of the five fastest growing professions are in healthcare. To see the top 20 fastest growing occupations go to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.bls.gov/ooh/fastest-growing.htm

Regardless of what career or profession you chose, you MUST build your Transferable Skill Set. The bottom line remains what can you DO with what you have learned.

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