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  • Sandra White

Vitamin D - do you have enough to protect you?

Updated: Jan 2

Vitamin D helps our body to maintain strong bones, muscles, nerves and immune system.

We get vitamin D three ways; from our skin when the sun directly strikes it, a small amount from few foods, and from supplements.

Not enough vitamin D in the body can lead to thin bones that's easily broken, weak muscles associated with falling down, and less protection by the immune system to fight off  infections. Remember when your grandmother and great grandmother gave you cod liver oil; was it because a tablespoon of cod liver oil has 1,360 IU of vitamin D. (IU = International Units)

No cod liver oil needed today; vitamin D supplements are in the vitamin section of your local drug store. Talk with your health care provider to be sure your body have enough of this important vitamin to protect you.

Remember flu season begins in October and also other respiratory viruses remains with us. 

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