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  • Sandra White

Add Spice for Flavor

Have you opened your kitchen cabinet, looked at the rows of spices and seasonings and wondered which one to use for meat or fish?

We know that marinades (wet) or seasoning rubs (dry) makes the meat tasty and flavorful; so come along as we begin with a basic rub used on meats. I'll add a few tips at the end. Mix together 4 tablespoon (Tb) paprika, 4Tb white sugar (or 2 Tb white sugar and 2Tb brown sugar), 4 to 6 teaspoon salt (or garlic salt or Adobo), 1Tb dry mustard powder, 1Tb ground black pepper (or white pepper). Mix well, keep in a tightly covered container and use to seasoning on your meats at least 30 to 40 minutes or more (OK to do the night before) before cooking (grill, bake, broil, pan saute). Tip: Have fun with this basic flavorful seasoning; add just a "pinch" of one of these as you experiment with your combinations each time you make a batch: thyme for chicken or pork, poultry seasons for chicken; a pinch of sage for pork, Chile powder for beef, and the list goes on. Tip: Rub just a tiny bit of oil (canola or vegetable) on the meat, this helps the dry seasonings to stick to the meat.

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